Gaumenspiel Riesling

Gaumenspiel Riesling


Gaumenspiel Riesling is a well balanced wine, elegant with a pleasant natural sweetness. Boasting mouth watering aromas reminiscent of peach and apricots. Pairs well with meat and fish, as well as with most vegetarian dishes.


“Variety is the soul of pleasure.” AphraBehn

Always on the hunt for the next big thing, Millennials seek variety in the brands they buy. Gaumenspiel wines honor these preferences presenting ‘not at all famous’ but utterly delicious German varietals, the range was designed to provide delightful answers to the special requests of an ultra trend-oriented generation of wine consumers. 


A brand of Peter Mertes, a winery from Mosel established in 1924 to challenge beer as the long established favourite drink, and share the founders love of wine. Peter Mertes is Germany’s leading family-run winery and a major player internationally featuring wines from Germany, Europe, Africa, Australia, North and South America.

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