El Bandarra Al Fresco 1L

El Bandarra Al Fresco 1L


El Bandarra sums up all the good things of Barcelona: The weather, the long days, the living and its exciting mix of tradition and modernity. Barcelona is the main inspiration of this aperitif. A refreshing & smooth drink with a perfect bitter-sweet balance.


El Bandarra Al Fresco is a natural and refreshing aperitif crafted at the family owned Virgili Bros winery in Barcelona. This delicious aperitif combines high quality Grenache Rosé wine with Mediterranean botanicals. It has a cherry red colour, it offers notes of liquorice, fresh herbs and mint, with a bitter grapefruit, tropical fruits
and citrus. Created to be served with tonic. Its bittersweet flavour is especially noteworthy. Contains less sugar than vermouth and is much more refreshing.

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