Atilius Stills

Atilius Stills


Our Atilius still wines epitomise Tuscan charm and bring classic tastes into a modern spotlight. 


Atilius Chardonnay is aged in oak barrels for 6 months generating its sophisticated aromas, rich and silky palate. Full-bodied and dry, its brilliant straw color offers very intense floral & fruity bouquet of citrus and blossoms. Elegant oak aromas leading to a rich and silky mouthfeel.


Our Chianti Nobilis DOCG and Chianti Riserva Prestigio DOCG epitomize the history of Tuscany, Tuscan winemaking tradition and its hero sangiovese.
Nobilis is an easy and magnetic wine, displaying a complex and dark cherry bouquet that translates into an abundantly fruity and aromatic palate, smooth and velvety in texture.


Presitigio is aged for 12-14 months in French oak barrels, 6-8 months in big oak casks then refined at least 12 months in bottle. Round, full of body, and slightly tannic, with satisfying notes of wild berries and violet are laced with that of vanilla.


Lastly Ribelle is a true Super Tuscan, aged and refined at least 3 years separately in French oak, big oak casks, stainless steel & bottle.
Dark ruby red color. Fully bodied and elegantly structured, the palate is a complex array of intense blackberry and blueberry, spiced up with notes of cloves and incensing vanilla, over velvety and soft tannins.