Taisteal Explorer's Whiskies - a HK original

While not forged deep in the fires of Mordor or milked directly from a Unicorn, Taisteal is a legendary product of Hong Kong, the first spirit that we created to sit alongside our expanding wine range. A range of genuine Scotch whiskies, we tapped into over 500 years of experience and skills from 2 of Scotland's leading distillers, Loch Lomond and Angus Dundee to produce our Single Malt, Single Grain and Blended whiskies.

Whisky with a twist, we don't believe that Scotch is only to be appreciated neat or on ice in a dark corner with the lads, and heaven forbid that someone mixes a malt whisky. The Explorer's range takes unique expressions of fruity, floral and rich highland whisky notes, and offers traditional tastes to whisky lovers while also carefully combining those characteristics into cocktails that could convert the most careful critic.

Don't take our word for it though, get your own Taisteal and try out some of Hong Kong's top bartenders crafty concoctions

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