Perfect Blend Pack

Perfect Blend Pack


Time Out's 2020 Bartender of the Year Lorenzo Antinori (from Caprice) brings the flavour to Valentine's day with this punchy whisky based cocktail. Check out the session and follow the directions to make your perfect serve here. We've paired up the liquor you need to make this signature serve and all you need to do is a quick trip to the supermarket.


40ml Blended Scotch whisky 
10ml Cassis liqueur 
20ml Fresh lemon juice 
1 tbsp honey (acacia honey or any flower honey)
1 tbsp chopped fresh ginger



Shichimi togarashi, orange zest and an edible flower


Tools you will need:
Shaker (any style or a mason jar with a lid)
Jigger (or a shot glass/measuring cup) 
Matchstick or lighter
Martini glass (or any regular glass) 
saucer (or any small dishware)


Watch this space for more!